Why choose us

Why choose us


G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS was founded in 2013 by Andreas Pempetsios, a Paramedic-Rescuer-Psychologist-Lifeguard, who with his strong personality and motives based on offering services to the community, was searching for ways of giving. 

We are professionals!
We have a great passion for the development of education for trauma, resuscitation, and all rescuing conditions. We also conduct ourselves with great professionalism in all emergency situations, whilst treating our fellow humans who are suffering with great compassion; this makes us your first choice!
We at G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS have been trained by the best in the field of pre-hospital care and rescue in Cyprus and abroad. We also keep our skills constantly updated according to global organizations such as ILCOR, ERC, the American Heart Association, and ILS.
We are continually improving the quality of care for Life!

We love what we do!
We at G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS chose to be Rescuers, Nurses, Paramedics, and Doctors. Our duty is to be at the public’s service 24/7. We fight to save lives. And all this because we really care for Life!

Low health care cost!
We provide the highest of health care along with the lowest cost in the entire country.

We are there 24/7!
We are available 24/7 every day of the year and we strive for excellence to meet your personal needs, care, and support.

We take pride in our services!
Our first task was, is, and will continue to be to provide the perfect service provision directly to our customers and during their events; with pre-hospital health care based on professionalism and with true care. We have won many awards for our high quality health care and that combined with seeing our customers happy, and getting positive client feedback, makes our services even more special.

Thank you!

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