Few words about us

Few words about us

Dear Visitor! G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS proudly welcomes you to our website! G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS is a powerful organization working across the Island of Cyprus to provide quality First Aid Training and Lifeguard Training for First Aiders, Lifeguards, and Rescue Services. Land and sea-based training is brought to the population by our fully trained, certified and experienced rescuers.

Why “POWER”?

According to freedictionary.com at http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ the word ‘Power’ is the ability or capacity to act or do something effectively; which is what actually and absolutely represents us!

Our mission is to support lives with the best of Ambulance Services, whether it is a need for simple transport to Hospital, a Private Clinic, or an emergency response to a severe trauma and/or an illness incident. We offer the best Lifeguarding, Nursing and Paramedic services 24/7 at an affordable cost.

Our vision is to prevent injury and save lives by extending First Aid and Emergency Rescue – Training and Services, to all people throughout the Island of Cyprus. We are constantly under the process of education and upgrading for the common good of our staff and clients. We always aim to offer our services at a professional level, with absolute dedication and the upmost humane values.

We invite you to browse our website for additional information about our organization, and about the various services that we provide.

Our mottos include “We Fight to Save Lives because We Care for Life!” and “What we teach You it is our daily life!”

Thank you!

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