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06 lst_Aug 2017

Bluetooth manikin! Advance CPR training! We proudly announce that our trainings are now on other levels. Thank you all for your trust and support. 
Train with us!
Our passion for training is endless!
We Fight to Save Lives because We Care for You!

16 Jul. 2017

"Little Timmy"! Our new 3 yrs old manikin which has the ability to be submerged and provide effective pediatric water rescue training! 

01 lst_Mar 2017

The G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS could not be missing from the 3rd National Conference for Urgent Prehospital Care organized by KSEPA CYPRUS.

13 Jul. 2015

G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS proudly present the 1st Lifeguard Camp that will be held at the Secret Paradise Alaminos beach on 17 – 21 August 2015.


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