Lifeguard Training at Pool Bar 46 on 30th May 2016

05 lst_May 2016

Lifeguard Training at PoolBar 46
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The G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS LIFEGUARD ACADEMY proudly announce the new Lifeguard Training that begins on the 30th May 2016!

Trainer: Andreas Pempetsios.
Location: Pool Bar 46
Dates: From the 30th May and every day (Weekends excluded) until the group is ready for exams! 
Time: 19:00 - 22:00
Cost: €125 (All included).
Very good swimming skills are prerequisite!
Final test: The final exams are contucted by an authorized examiner(s) of the Cyprus Life Saving Federation and the successful candidates will be awarded with the appropriate medallion/certification which is valid for two (2) years.
For any additional information please contact us.

The Lifeguard Academy of G. B. POWER LIFE SAVERS was established in 2013. It operates in accordance with the guidelines and technical support of the Cyprus Life Saving Federation and meets its requirements and specifications.

The Lifeguard Training seminars take place in the pool and at sea in an island-wide scope. There are 5 levels of basic education in Lifesaving for children from 9-13 years old and 6 levels - 'medals' in Lifeguard training for people 14 years and older.

For the courses we accept students from the age of 9-99 years old which are then divided into age & Knowledge level-appropriate groups. At the end of the training seminars there is an examination done in conjunction with the Cyprus Federation of Lifeguards. All successful candidates are awarded with a diploma which is valid for two years and is recognized by the Cyprus Life Saving Federation 'C.L.S.F.' and worldwide by the International Life Saving Federation 'I.L.S.F.'

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